When the Boreas first touched my chops, the first thing I noticed was the nice smooth feeling it gave. After playing a few notes it continued feeling more and more contortable. In my neverending search for the perfect ambouchure I myself have some points that are very important. The Boreas gives me the big and broad sound in the middle and lower register and the brilliant sound in the high register, wich I find the most important as Principal trombone. It gives me the opportunity to differentiate in articulation and dynamics.

The mouthpiece matches perfectly with my Hans Kromat trombone.

Very happy with my purchase!

Lode Smeets
Principal Trombone South Nederlands Philharmonic 
Professor of Trombone at the LUCA school of Arts/Conservatory of Leuven

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I enjoyed the complete process from ordering, shipping and then receiving the most amazing mouthpiece I have ever played.

I ordered the Satin Titanium 3 GW Helios Trumpet Mouthpiece Rim Diameter 16.50mm, .660 inches with a Deep Cup.

Even though it has only been two days playing my new mouthpiece the comfort and feel is indescribable. 

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Altin Sencalar

My Giddings mouthpiece contains all the elements I want in a mouthpiece. The color of the overtones, the consistency, the tone that it brings to my horn, the clarity, and the comfortable rim is everything I could want. Ivan Giddings is a master craftsmen and mouthpiece guru. I love my GWC-100. I'm happy to be with this wonderful company!

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Brandon Jones - USAF Band

February 06, 2017

I love the feel of stainless steel on the chops, and Ivan's pieces are top quality through and through. He made exactly what I asked him to do, and it allows me to accomplish what I need on my horn. Stainless is the way of the future for mouthpieces!

I've wanted to use a stainless steel mouthpiece for a while now as it simply feels great on the chops and you know it will be the same forever. I love how they really focus the sound and give "HD" clarity to the fronts of notes and the tone quality in general. Ivan made me a piece that truly fit exactly what I was looking for, and it really has enhanced my overall playing experience greatly!


Brandon Jones

Euphonium, The USAF Band

Drake Peterson

April 06, 2016

Hello, my name is Drake Peterson.  I am a professional trumpeter based in Los Angeles.  I tour all over the US, playing in festivals, studios, and venues.  

These mouthpieces literally changed my life.  After I discovered I had an allergy after 15 years of playing, I switched to plastic to see if anything would change.  Sure enough it did.   My range and endurance shot up.  Sadly, my tone was not as strong as before because plastic doesn't produce the right overtones.  A friend saw what I was going through and gave me a G & W mouthpiece to try out for a few weeks.  After 1 day, I was in love.  That day my trumpet playing changed.  My life changed. I was able to progress in ways I didn't think possible.  I went from being a great 3rd trumpeter, to a great 2nd trumpeter. 

Shorty after that, my lead chops started to develop and the 1st trumpet book started getting passed my way.  I am now a lead player in Latin groups, Big Bands, Pop Bands and many other ensembles.  What I didn't know is that when I was playing on conventional mouthpieces, my lips would swell after about 20 minutes, and my range and endurance would go out the window.  I was constantly stuck.  My advice to anyone is that if you are having any endurance issues, please try a G & W mouthpiece.  I have found that many people have this allergy to nickel and other commonly used metals for brass instrument mouthpieces. 

I can't thank G & W mouthpieces more for changing my life and making my trumpet career the success it is now.  This year I will be playing my G & W mouthpieces at one of the biggest music festivals in the world, Coachella.  I will play these for the rest of my life, and I will recommend this product to anyone and everyone till the day I die.  Thank you!!!!

David Jackson

April 06, 2016

David Jackson is a longtime Vegas freelance and orchestral low brass multi-instrumentalist who is currently a member of the US Army band at Fort Hood, Texas. David plays exclusively on G&W mouthpieces and uses the DJNV model for all his symphony tenor work.

Alex Meixner

April 06, 2016

I'm not a big equipment guy when it comes to horns and mouthpieces- but I can truly say that changed with mouthpieces the first time I had a Giddings and Webster mouthpiece. On both trumpet and trombone pieces- these just feel good. I feel more comfortable playing on them- which is extremely important especially since I don't get long warmups on road gigs- and that I have to pick the horns up cold mid-show. Every time I use a different mouthpiece, it makes me appreciate the craftsmanship and feel of my Giddings and Webster-- whether on trumpet, valve trombone, baritone horn or even the hoseaphone!!

Alex Meixner

Daniel Brady

April 06, 2016

" I couldn't be happier with my Giddings and Webster Mark 1 mouthpiece.  In my job, consistency is key. The mouthpiece responds with the same clarity and projection whether I'm on a concert stage, marching a Friday night Parade, or playing in a trombone quartet.  These are the attributes that will keep me playing on Giddings and Webster for many years to come!"

Daniel Brady