LEAD, and we are not talking high notes. This heavy metal will rock your body in bad ways!

Lead Exposure is preventable


  • Lead is a cumulative toxicant that affects multiple body systems and is particularly harmful to young children.
  • Lead in the body is distributed to the brain, liver, kidney and bones. It is stored in the teeth and bones, where it accumulates over time. Human exposure is usually assessed through the measurement of lead in blood.
  • Lead in bone is released into blood during pregnancy and becomes a source of exposure to the developing fetus.
  • There is no known level of lead exposure that is considered safe.
  • Lead exposure is preventable.



We use the safest materials around.  Our mouthpieces have no plating and are made of materials that have zero lead in them.  The plating process involves numerous chemicals and heavy metals that eventually end up in our environment.  With Giddings mouthpieces you not only give yourself the safest choice, but you save our environment from more chemicals.


The vast majority of instrument manufactures and mouthpiece makers around the world us Leaded Brass for their production needs.  Not because it is the safest choice for you, but because it machines and works so easily.

Over Thirty-two years ago the EPA took a stand on lead in water systems.

 In 1986 the EPA passed the Safe Water Drinking Act.  The Act prohibits the “use of any pipe, any pipe or plumbing fitting or fixture, any solder, or any flux, after June 1986, in the installation or repair of (i) any public water system; or (ii) any plumbing in a residential or non-residential facility providing water for human consumption, that is not lead free.” 




If you have mouthpieces with the plating worn through or worn off the odds are you are exposed to lead, and other heavy metals that are harmful as well.  Be proactive and get Giddings mouthpiece. Not only will you sound better, our mouthpieces will last forever.  And you are doing what is right for you and the environment.


Giddings Mouthpieces are the safest, longest lasting, and environmentally sound choice for musicians of all ages.