Drake Peterson

Hello, my name is Drake Peterson.  I am a professional trumpeter based in Los Angeles.  I tour all over the US, playing in festivals, studios, and venues.  

These mouthpieces literally changed my life.  After I discovered I had an allergy after 15 years of playing, I switched to plastic to see if anything would change.  Sure enough it did.   My range and endurance shot up.  Sadly, my tone was not as strong as before because plastic doesn't produce the right overtones.  A friend saw what I was going through and gave me a G & W mouthpiece to try out for a few weeks.  After 1 day, I was in love.  That day my trumpet playing changed.  My life changed. I was able to progress in ways I didn't think possible.  I went from being a great 3rd trumpeter, to a great 2nd trumpeter. 

Shorty after that, my lead chops started to develop and the 1st trumpet book started getting passed my way.  I am now a lead player in Latin groups, Big Bands, Pop Bands and many other ensembles.  What I didn't know is that when I was playing on conventional mouthpieces, my lips would swell after about 20 minutes, and my range and endurance would go out the window.  I was constantly stuck.  My advice to anyone is that if you are having any endurance issues, please try a G & W mouthpiece.  I have found that many people have this allergy to nickel and other commonly used metals for brass instrument mouthpieces. 

I can't thank G & W mouthpieces more for changing my life and making my trumpet career the success it is now.  This year I will be playing my G & W mouthpieces at one of the biggest music festivals in the world, Coachella.  I will play these for the rest of my life, and I will recommend this product to anyone and everyone till the day I die.  Thank you!!!!