James"Giggles" Mitges - 3 GW Helios Trumpet Mouthpiece

I enjoyed the complete process from ordering, shipping and then receiving the most amazing mouthpiece I have ever played.

I ordered the Satin Titanium 3 GW Helios Trumpet Mouthpiece Rim Diameter 16.50mm, .660 inches with a Deep Cup.

Even though it has only been two days playing my new mouthpiece the comfort and feel is indescribable. 

Everything just becomes more easy to do and this is the most comfortable rim I have ever played on.

I am so excited to play and get to know my titanium mouthpiece and can't wait to feel and hear how I play in a couple of weeks time.

I am a very happy customer for life !!!!

Thank you !!!!!

James"Giggles" Mitges



James “ Giggles” Mitges, was born, raised and lives in Guelph.

Starting on piano at the age of six, mostly self taught taking up the saxophone at age fourteen, flute at seventeen and trumpet in most recent years.

Giggles had to stop playing the saxophone and flute due to health concerns and focuses on Family, Composing, Recording, Piano, Trumpet, Abstract Painting and Laughing.

Recorded With: 

Peter Appleyard, Ed Bickert, Don Thompson, Joe Labarbera, Tom Scott, Lee Ritenour,  Russell Ferrante, Abraham Laboriel Sr., MB Gordy, Wayne Bergeron, Dan Fornero, Carol Welsman, Nick Lane, Dan Higgins, Chris Walden and Vinnie Colaiuta.