Happy Customer

Hi Ivan,

I don't really use social media. However I gladly share my experience so far.

I have been playing Perantucci mouthpiece for a long time, and find them quite good. They are of good quality, ploduce a nice sound. The silver plating is very good, I have never experienced any problems with allergic reactions and such.

I own large variety of them for BBb and F tuba.

Recently I purchased a CC tuba and was hunting around for what some of the popular mouthpieces are for CC tubas. Your name came up, and I thought I'd give you a try, but actually didn't expect much out of it.

I was wrong. I have been regularly playing the PT 88 for quite a while and I like it. I can control the large size quite well, it an all-round workhorse mouthpiece. However I have always struggled with projection, keeping core in the tone especially when playing loudly.
When your mouthpiece arrived it was an epiphany. The piece is great, delivers great core and projection, and it does so effortlessly. The tone punches through the orchestra in a way that I have not been able to achieve with any PT or any other branded mouthpiece.

How much of this effect is due to the dimensions and how much due to the material, I don't know. However I have noticed one thing. The mouthpiece is able to transport the vibrations of the instrument back to my lips. Basically lips vibrate and set the tuba into vibration. If you intonate well, the whole instrument will start to vibrate quite noticeably under your fingers.
Your mouthpiece is able to catch this vibration and transport it all the way back to my lips. This gives me an additional checkpoint to look for when playing, and is something I have never been able to achieve with any other mouthpiece.

All in all, I'm blown away by how well this mouthpiece works. It's a fantastic product and I will recommend it other players as well.

Best regards