Why GW for me?

Resonance and clarity.

What puts the G&W mouthpieces above the other choices out there, including other steel mouthpieces, is the careful balance and distribution of mass in combination with the contour of the design that give tremendous advantages in terms of both resonance and clarity.

It is the attention to detail in terms of design, flawless craftsmanship and the use of superior materials that give Giddings and Webster the edge!

Ben Pelletier - Bach Artist and clinician for Conn-Selmer


“I made the switch to Giddings & Webster mouthpieces about six years ago. I’ve honestly never looked back on my decision - G&W mouthpieces are comfortable to play on, versatile, and feel natural around the entire range of the horn. The surgical stainless steel that G&W uses in their mouthpieces provides me with a sense of familiarity, response, and resonance that I’ve never felt with silver or gold-plated mouthpieces. From beginners to professionals, I highly recommend G&W mouthpieces to all levels of players looking to improve their playing experience.”

Nate Kimball 


Excuse me while I freak out !....( 60's term for great excitement!)....I can't believe that this mouthpiece has finally been made !! A mouthpiece that is very even in response and articulation throughout dynamics and registers...a mouthpiece with a system to let you Dial In halls during soundchecks! No more fear of tuba clarity in large church acoustics !

No more aversion to dead recording studios or dead halls! I now have three ways to change my sound without changing my mouthpiece !

My whole career has been One Nighters with one rehearsal to figure out a hall...the Giddings and Webster Boston Brass Tuba Mouthpiece has solved this for me in minutes by using the weight sleeve system!

Sam Pilafian


"The response and sound of my GW mouthpiece is beyond belief. It allows me to shape my playing as I please in any playing environment"

Jose Sibaja on the Boston Brass Trumpet Mouthpiece


I have known forever that brass mouthpieces have a lot of energy loss. Because of that I wanted to try out steel mouthpieces. I got a full set of the David Hickman line of mouthpieces. I played them for a little while and I loved the rim. It is so comfortable to play. I love the increase in dynamic range on both ends. They have some nice softs. 

The problem was that I have played 22 throats for 35 years and these were not that large. I sent an email asking if they would enlarge the throats (I didn't want to mess with steel mouthpieces.) They said send them back and they would enlarge the throats the day they got them. I then asked how much money to send with the set of 4. I was told to send 20 and they would have a burger and beer on me. (Ivan Giddings was very nice about doing this for me.)

I am not impressed often by a business. I am impressed by the customer service and the excellence of craftsmanship that I have seen with the GW mouthpieces.

BTW I love the way my Hickman pieces play. Give steel a chance. They play really well.

Clint 'Pops' McLaughlin


I've been playing Giddings and Webster exclusively since 2005. I've still yet to find any mouthpiece on the market that would make my job easier!

Alan Baer


" I couldn't be happier with my Giddings and Webster Mark 1 mouthpiece.  In my job, consistency is key. The mouthpiece responds with the same clarity and projection whether I'm on a concert stage, marching a Friday night Parade, or playing in a trombone quartet.  These are the attributes that will keep me playing on Giddings and Webster for many years to come!"

Daniel Brady


I'm not a big equipment guy when it comes to horns and mouthpieces- but I can truly say that changed with mouthpieces the first time I had a Giddings and Webster mouthpiece. On both trumpet and trombone pieces- these just feel good. I feel more comfortable playing on them- which is extremely important especially since I don't get long warmups on road gigs- and that I have to pick the horns up cold mid-show. Every time I use a different mouthpiece, it makes me appreciate the craftsmanship and feel of my Giddings and Webster-- whether on trumpet, valve trombone, baritone horn or even the hoseaphone!!

Alex Meixner