Dragon's Breath

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Dragon's Breath

Dragons breath is an amazing addition to any of the Giddings Mouthpieces you order.  You must order a Giddings Mouthpiece to add Dragons Breath too.  Dragons Breath makes articulations a snap! and projection even easier.  By heat treating the material we make each mouthpiece close to 25% harder. The heat treatment adds a totally unique beautiful Gold, Blue, tan and purple finish on your mouthpiece.  Each finish is slightly different due to changes in weather and heat.  Add dragons breath and gain faster articulation and project even more sound with better control and less effort.  The finishes will change with time, but the hardness and clarity of sound will last forever.


Frost Finish will be gold and dark grey

Satin will be Tan's, Blue's and purples

Polished is blue and Purples 



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Type: Engraving

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