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Trumpet Rim mm Rim in
1 GW 17.29 0.681
David Hickman 17.25 0.68
1.25 GW 17.09 0.673
1.5 GW 16.89 0.665
Boston Brass 16.58 0.653
Matt Muckey 17.06 0.672
3 GW 16.58 0.653
5 GW 16.4 0.646
7 GW 16.35 0.64
Gill Kaupp 16.00 0.63
10 GW 16 0.63
Lead J,S,Z 16 0.63

Jazz Lead Z is a great lead piece! Based on the popular Vizzutti mouthpiece rim diameter, but with a slightly longer cylindrical section in the backbore and a more V-shaped cup. Designed to project, and make the sustained high and loud playing lock in with ease, this mouthpiece is very efficient and comfortable to play for extended periods of time!

Rim 15.88 mm .625 inches

Throat 3.65 mm #27

Jazz Lead J is based on the popular Bobby Shew mouthpiece. It has a tradition inner rim diameter, and is slightly more open in the backbore. The cup is more U-shaped cup as well when compared to our other lead mouthpieces. Designed to project a large core of sound while remaining easy to play for extended periods in the extreme upper range.

Rim 16.18 mm .638 inches

Throat 3.65 mm #27

Jazz Lead S is a shallow screamer! A blend between the Shew and Vizzutti backbores, with a very shallow U-shaped cup. Designed to project and make the sustained high playing easier. This mouthpiece is for people who need a screamer but don't always play these parts. The very shallow cup is not for you if you have tendency to bottom out.

Rim 16.35 mm .644 inches.

Throat 3.65 mm #27



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Category: #27, Giddings mouthpieces, Jazz, Stainless steel mouthpiece

Type: Trumpet

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